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Dry days for four days

Mysore/Mysuru: The Assembly election and counting will together bring a total of four dry days on May 8, May 9, May 10 and May 13. Serving and selling of liquor will be banned in all establishments within the polling area during the period of 48 hours, ending with the hour fixed for the conclusion of polling.

The purpose of the dry days is to ensure a peaceful, free and fair election. The dry days will be enforced from 6 pm on May 8 until 12 midnight on May 10 (the day of voting) and from midnight on May 12 to midnight on May 13 (the day of vote counting). During this period, all liquor and wine shops, bars, restaurants, clubs and other licence holders selling liquor in the district will remain closed, and there will be no sale, distribution or stocking of liquor.

District Electoral Officer Dr. K.V. Rajendra has utilised Section 135C of the 1951 Act to declare dry days and has directed the Excise Deputy Commissioner of Mysuru City and Rural to seal all liquor and wine shops, bars, restaurants, clubs and other licensed premises selling alcohol. The keys are to be handed over to the Executive Magistrate.

Paid holiday

The Election Commission has asked the Central and State Government to grant a paid holiday to all workers on May 10, while noting that daily wagers, those working in shops and establishments are also entitled to the benefit. “Even those electors, including casual workers, outside the Constituency concerned would be entitled to the benefit of a paid holiday.

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