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Debris on Ring Road median poses threat to drivers

Unabated dumping of construction waste like bricks, pieces of concrete structures among others noticed near tyre factory

Mysore/Mysuru: Construction debris that were earlier dumped on the either side of Outer-Ring Road (ORR) in city, are now being dumped on the medians of the ORR.

The case in point is the median near J.K. Tyres plant, where the remnants of bricks, concrete structures and waste-filled plastic sacks are dumped, which have spilled over on the road, coming in the smooth way of traffic, triggering the possibilities of accidents involving two-wheeler riders.

The vehicles move at enormous speed on ORR, that is mostly used by factory workers riding two-wheelers daily towards their work places at Hebbal and Koorgalli Industrial Areas. As there is a slope where the brick and concrete pieces have spilled on the road, it will not come to the notice of two-wheeler riders instantly. If the vehicles move on such pieces, the vehicle riders may lose balance and fall off the vehicle or they may crash into another vehicle in their bid to avoid riding over the debris. If the debris is not cleared at the earliest, it will definitely cause accidents and the possibilities of fatal or non- fatal accidents are more, fear the general public.

Such acts are going on unabated and remains impossible to stop. It is indeed a mischievous act that the construction waste is dumped on the medians of the road posing a threat to the life of public. Such acts can be of evil minded people and the debris may have been dumped here in a goods auto. Be it anybody, such people should be traced and action be initiated. Or else, the waste may spread all over the medians on the ORR.

The construction debris can be seen dumped across the city with the increase in construction and renovation works. If the debris is of smaller quantity, it will be dumped on any road side nearby. If the debris is of a huge quantity, it will be dumped at those places, which are less frequented by the people. The uncontrolled dumping of construction debris is going on, in the first main of Vijayanagar 1st stage, with the similar scene witnessed near Bogadi and KRS Roads among several other places.

Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) has identified an exclusive place for building a construction debris recycling plant at Hanchya-Sathagalli, with a warning to penalise the offenders, besides booking a criminal case against them. However, the people care a hoot and it is evident with the act of dumping construction debris on the medians of ORR.

Earlier, such acts of dumping waste were witnessed on the road side in the city, marring the visual beauty. Now, such erroneous act has spread to ORR posing a threat to the life of two-wheeler riders. If the MCC authorities or National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) custodians of ORR won’t wake up to the gravity of the situation, they will be held responsible for any mishaps.

Mysuru-Kodagu MP Pratap Simha should take a serious look into this menace, urge the concerned citizens.

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