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Danger lurks on newly laid roads


Mysureans were elated when roads around their houses were asphalted recently. It was a welcome gesture as the roads were riddled with potholes, moon-like craters and unfilled cuts which were mainly due to the neglect and shoddy repair works.

However, a new concern has now arisen after the road works. Now, the smooth, black surface beckons all drivers to have a go! Drivers, specially two-wheelers, seem eager to the challenge and have seemingly launched an endurance test for both man and machine.

This invitation of the new surface loosens caution strings in the minds of vehicle drivers who floor the throttle of their vehicles and storm into the new roads. With safety concerns thrown to the winds, these riders endanger all those around them. What is glaring is the lack of painted bumps and road signs.

I therefore request the MCC to ensure that the contractors paint the roads with guidelines and borders and also paint the bumps with luminous paint, to avoid untoward incidents and ensure safety of citizens.

– Murali Nair, Saraswathipuram, 27.3.2023

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