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College students help birds quench their thirst

Use old helmets to place water, food for winged creatures

Mysore/Mysuru: With the city experiencing a rise in mercury levels and the atmospheric temperature, the NSS students of Seshadripuram College in Hebbal have taken up an initiative to help birds survive the heat by keeping water inside the old helmets at open spaces.

The soaring heat is not only difficult for the human beings who struggle to keep themselves hydrated but it is gruelling for birds and animals too. The spell of dry weather and soaring mercury levels has increased demand for water that is lacking at the same time. The idea of helping birds and animals to quench their thirst arose from Seshadripuram College NSS Programme Officer Raghavendra. He later guided the students of the College who are now actively motivating other students to join their hands in this work.

Collection of old helmets

At first, the students thought of placing water inside the new plastic boxes. But thinking about the possibilities of thefts of new boxes while they are placed in open spaces, an idea of collecting old helmets to make the initiative a successful one came across. Following which old helmets were collected from Police Stations, Railway Stations, parking lots etc.,

Cleanliness, the main motto

Any work without cleanliness is waste. The main motto of the initiative was to maintain hygiene and cleanliness. Likewise, collected helmets were brought to the college and the scrunch inside the helmets were removed and was cut in a cup shape. All the helmets were cleaned and water was filled inside the helmets before placing it at several places including parks in the Hebbal area.

Seshadripuram College has adopted a few parks at Lakshmikanthanagar in Hebbal and are taking care of its maintenance. Students have placed the helmets on several trees across the park and are filling water inside it every day and placing food at the same time making sure that birds can easily access it.

The work initiated by the students is inspiring people around them as they are completely prepared to ease the thirst of birds by helping them to beat the heat in the soaring summer.

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