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City-based DFRL develops biodegradable water bottles

Mysore/Mysuru: In a significant step towards environmental sustainability and addressing the issue of plastic pollution, Mysuru-based Defence Food Research Laboratory (DFRL), affiliated with the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), has introduced eco-friendly biodegradable water bottles.

These sustainable water bottles are crafted from Polylactic acid (PLA)-based material, not only addressing the pressing problem of plastic waste but also contributing to a reduction in the overall carbon footprint. What sets them apart is their biodegradability, offering a promising solution to the ever-growing issue of plastic pollution.

Minister of State for Defence and Tourism Ajay Bhatt launched these eco-friendly water bottles during the two-day National Conference on Millets for Military Ration and Specific Nutritional Requirements, organised by DFRL at the SDM Institute for Management Development (SDM-IMD). The conference was held from Sept. 29.

Senior officers of Armed Forces, Paramilitary Forces, DRDO scientists, Academia and Industry partners participated in the conference deliberated on scientific facts and other related issues for the adoption of millets-based food for the services. 

DRDO Chairman Samir V. Kamat, Director General (Life Sciences) U.K. Singh, DFRL Director Dr. Anil Dutt Semwal, ‘Millet Man of India’ and Padma Shri recipient Khadar Valli Dudekula and officers from the Indian Armed Forces were present.

According to DFRL, these PLA water bottles comply with ISO 17088-2021 and IS 17899 T: 2022 Standards, ensuring their compostability. Moreover, they are deemed safe for food and beverage contact applications, making them a reliable and sustainable choice.

Remarkably, it’s not just the bottle itself that is eco-friendly; even the bottle cap and label are compostable, underscoring a holistic approach to sustainability.

DFRL said that these transparent and durable water bottles possess similar strength to traditional PET bottles. What distinguishes them is their origin — they are derived entirely from 100 percent bio-based and renewable sources. This innovation promotes sustainability by reducing reliance on non-renewable resources.

In a collaborative effort with Konkan Speciality Polyproducts Private Limited in Mangaluru, DFRL has successfully developed these PLA bottles, specifically designed for containing 250 ml of potable water. Their manufacturing process employs injection blow-moulding techniques, ensuring quality                      and consistency.

As plastic pollution continues to be a pressing concern, initiatives like these play a crucial role in mitigating its harmful effects. DFRL’s eco-friendly water bottles not only align with environmental conservation goals but also set a positive example for the adoption of sustainable practices in various sectors, ultimately leading to a greener and more sustainable future.

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