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Celebrating cultural splendour through Nrithya Vaibhava

Sri Nataraja Performing Arts Centre’s Annual Dance Event, ‘Nrithya Sambhrama,’ inaugurated recently by G.R. Nagaraj set the stage for an evening steeped in cultural grandeur.

Vidu. Shrilakshmi Kumar, Director of Uma Maheshwara Nritya Kala Kendra, was the chief guest, along with President M.K. Balaraj.

Vidushi V. Suma compered the event, guiding audiences through a mesmerising display of dance forms. Each performance painted vibrant stories, blending tradition and innovation.

Applauding the dedication of the performers, Nagaraj emphasised the significance of preserving our heritage. The event celebrated artistry, affirming the Centre’s pivotal role in fostering cultural brilliance in Mysuru.

The evening commenced with a soul-stirring Thodayam Mangalam and Shlokanjali,  setting a reverential tone. The rendition of the Ganesh Stuti ‘Gajavadana Beduve’ filled the air with devotional fervour. DVG’s masterpiece, ‘Antahpurageete – Natanavaadidal Taruni,’ enthralled the audience with its lyrical beauty. The senior students took the stage, eloquently portraying the captivating narrative of ‘Choodamani,’ complemented by the evocative composition of ‘Hanumanta Deva Namo,’ weaving a tale that left hearts touched and spirits moved.

The rhythmic journey continued with the lively folk song “Jakkanakka,” infusing the atmosphere with energy. A thought-provoking Vachana enriched minds with profound wisdom. The event reached its magical peak with the captivating portrayal of Sri Krishna Leela, brought to life under the choreography guidance of Guru Vidu. M.B. Nagashree. It was like stepping into a vivid storybook, revealing the multifaceted life of Lord Krishna. From his playful childhood moments, sneaking bites of butter, to his brave youth standing up for what’s right, each scene felt alive with the charm of human experiences.

The performances echoed the vibrant spirit of Vrindavan, capturing the fervent devotion of the Gopis and the irresistible charm of Krishna. Through his playful antics and profound teachings, the audience glimpsed not just a deity but a relatable figure filled with wisdom and grace.

As the curtains closed, the essence of Krishna’s teachings lingered, leaving behind a sense of spiritual wonder and a rich cultural tapestry that touched every heart in attendance. The enchanting evening left hearts aglow, embracing the theme of ‘Nrithya Vaibhava,’ a testament to cultural richness and divine grace celebrated.

—H.P. Aditi

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