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CCTV captures man picking up a gold chain found on road

Woman, who lost the valuable, appeals to him to return; lodges a Police complaint

Mysore/Mysuru: In an incident that occurred in Jayalakshmipuram that came to light now, a woman, who was gardening in front of her house, lost her gold mangalsutra as she fell on the road and failed to notice her gold chain slipping off from her neck.

But a few moments later, a man, who was walking on the road picked up the gold chain and walked away.

The entire incident has been captured on a CCTV camera placed at a vantage point of her neighbour’s house.

The lady has now appealed to the unidentified person to return her mangalsutra and she has even lodged a complaint with the Jayalakshmipuram Police Station and has produced CCTV footage to help the Police trace the man.

The woman, who lost her gold chain, is Dr. Shobha Hebbar, wife of Dr. V. Nagaraj, a resident of 6th Main, 3rd Block at Jayalakshmipuram here.

The incident took place on  Feb. 26 morning and Dr. Shobha stated in her Police complaint that she was watering the plants in front of her house at about 8.25 am when she accidentally tripped and fell backwards. Due to the impact of the fall, her gold mangalsutra, weighing about 25 grams, which she was wearing, slipped and fell from her neck.

She failed to notice the fallen mangalsutra and went inside. However, at around 8.50 am on the same day, a man, aged between 35 and 40 years came walking on the same road where Dr. Shobha has her house. He noticed the gold chain that was lying on the road and looked around. There was no one on the road.

Moments later, he picked up the gold chain, put it inside his pocket and walked away. The entire incident has been captured on a CCTV camera installed in her neighbour’s house.

Speaking to Star of Mysore this morning, Dr. Shobha said that after she fell, she did not observe her gold chain immediately. “I realised that the mangalsutra was missing after some time and later when I requested my neighbours for the CCTV footage, they obliged and I could spot the man walking away with my gold chain,” she said.

“I waited for a few days hoping that the man might turn up to return my mangalsutra and now I have lodged a Police complaint on Mar. 8,” she said. Dr. Shobha has appealed to the man to return her gold chain. Dr. Shobha can be contacted on Mob: 94492-74083 or 96325-48150.

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