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Car plunges into VC Canal in Mandya; driver missing

Mandya: A speeding car plunged into the VC Canal this morning and the driver is missing.

According to eyewitnesses, the driver, Lokesh, lost control over the vehicle and as a result, the car fell into the canal. The VC Canal is full to the brim as water is being released from the Krishna Raja Sagar (KRS) Dam.

The incident took place near Thibbanahalli in Mandya taluk and Lokesh was driving towards Shivalli village. The car veered off the road and fell into the canal. As eyewitnesses recounted the harrowing scene, it became evident that the lack of protective barriers along the canal played a significant role in the accident. The car submerged rapidly in the high water level.

Despite immediate efforts by onlookers, Lokesh remains missing, prompting an intensive search operation to locate him. Local villagers took swift action, informing the KRS Dam authorities to halt water flow into the canal to facilitate the retrieval of the submerged car. Shivalli Police have registered a case.

Local villagers said that the incident brings to mind a similar accident that occurred in 2017 when a bus met a similar fate due to the absence of protective barriers along the canal. In the wake of that tragedy, the Government had pledged to construct safety barriers to prevent such occurrences.

However, the lack of progress in implementing these safety measures has sparked public concern and outrage as accidents continue to happen. Residents and activists are calling for immediate construction of protective barriers to prevent further accidents and loss of life.

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