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Canter vehicle, tyres gutted

Miscreants light fire at five places in city

Mysore/Mysuru: Fire lit by miscreants has been reported at five places including near Gowrishankara Nagar at the foot of Chamundi Hill, Hebbal Industrial Area, Metagalli Industrial Area, Sewage Farm and near MYPOL factory yesterday.

The fire has caused a lot of damage and timely action by the Fire and Emergency Services personnel has prevented further damage and loss of lives.

Tension prevailed for some time as miscreants lit fire at a vacant place near Gowrishankara Nagar. Swift action by the Fire staff prevented fire from spreading to Chamundi Hill where fire was reported on Saturday, which destroyed trees and plants grown in a vast area of the Hill.

Fire was also reported at a tyre rebuilding unit at Metagalli Industrial Area at about 1.30 pm yesterday resulting in a Canter vehicle parked in the factory and a large quantity of tyres getting destroyed in the fire.

The fire soon spread to the adjacent tissue factory and the Fire staff, who rushed to the spot found that there was a Railway track close by and informed the Railway officials as movement of trains are regular on this track and the fire could cause damage to the passing trains. Finally, the Fire staff managed to douse the fire and prevented it from spreading further in a three hour-long operation.

A large quantity of plastic waste at Sewage Farm in Vidyaranyapuram also caught fire and MLA S.A. Ramdas, who rushed to the spot, stayed put at the spot till the Fire staff doused the fire completely.

Speaking to SOM, Ramdas said that fire was noticed between 9.30 pm and 10 pm and as plastic waste had caught fire, it was very difficult to bring it under control. Fire staff used four fire extinguishing vehicles to douse the fire and it took more than four hours for the fire staff to completely extinguish the fire.

Fire mishaps also took place at Hebbal Industrial Area and near MYPOL factory which was a result of miscreants lighting fire. A total of over 18 fire extinguishing vehicles were used to douse the fires by the Fire staff across the city.

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