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c gets a surprise visitor from the woods

Mysore/Mysuru: In a rather unusual incident, an injured spotted deer sought refuge at a local Police Station after being bitten by a dog. The peculiar incident occurred at 11.30 am today when the injured deer, seemingly in distress, made its way to the Nanjangud Srikanteshwara Temple Police Outpost seeking refuge and safety.

Police Constable Srinivas and team, manning the outpost, were taken by surprise as the deer limped in with visible injuries, apparently from the dog attack. After entering the outpost, the deer squatted near the door.

The Policemen observed that the deer sustained a bleeding wound on its neck region and there were other scratch and bite marks too. They then brought turmeric, considered an antiseptic, and gently applied on the wounds, with the deer gladly cooperating.

The Police later promptly contacted wildlife rescue authorities from the Forest Department to provide medical assistance to the  injured animal.

According to the Police, the deer was terrified as it was chased by a pack of dogs.

“The deer ran towards the outpost crossing the barriers laid outside while the dogs gave up chasing,” Srinivas told Star of Mysore.

Forest Officers said that they were headed to the Police outpost to assess the deer’s condition and administer the necessary medical care. The injured deer will be transported to a wildlife rehabilitation centre for further treatment and recovery and will be released into the wild.

It is believed that the deer ventured into Nanjangud town from the forest fringes of the Bandipur Tiger Reserve, located over 13 kilometres away.

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