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Blaring announcement at Railway Gate near KRS Road


Of late there have been multiple instances of blaring announcements of the approaching train at the Railway Gate crossing on KRS road near Brigade Symphony apartment, but the train is not to be seen at all.

The gates are open and there will be no sight of the Railway personnel manning the gate, but the pre-recorded announcement keeps on repeating. While it becomes boring to hear the same announcement in multiple languages non-stop for up to 30 minutes, there is still no sight of the train. Now, the dangerous consequence of this is that commuters coming from KRS Ring Road junction and those coming from J.K Tyre side will be in a tearing hurry to cross the Railway Gate before it closes.

The two-wheelers, buses, lorries and cars drive at breakneck speed to cross the Railway Gate on hearing the announcement. Since the announcement goes on for a long time without the gate actually closing, the commuters continue to zip through thinking that the gate might close any time.

I request the Railway authorities to look into this issue and ensure that the announcement is heard only when a train is approaching and not put the lives of commuters and pedestrians at unwarranted risk.

– Kasi Ganeshan, Metagalli, 10.1.2023

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