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Assembly polls: Printers under Election Commission scanner

Report large cash withdrawals, transfers; create groups for communication: DC tells bank officers

Mysore/Mysuru: Ahead of the Assembly election 2023, the Election Commission of India (ECI) has imposed restrictions on printing and publishing election pamphlets and posters, and directed all the Deputy Commissioners (DCs) to issue guidelines to printing houses, political party representatives, candidates and polling agents regarding the new restrictions.

At a meeting convened with the representatives from the printing press and cable operators, DC Dr. K.V. Rajendra said that there will be restrictions on the printing of posters and pamphlets related to the elections. Certain norms and regulations are in place to monitor them.

No person shall print or publish any election-related pamphlet or poster without the names and addresses of the printer and the publisher. The norms also stipulate that photocopying original pamphlets would be deemed as printing and photocopies should contain the name of the printer.

He asked them to follow the rules as per section 127A of the Representation of the People Act, 1951. Moreover, any election pamphlet or poster should have a declaration as to the identity of the publisher signed by himself and attested by two persons to whom he is personally known which is to be delivered by him to the printer in duplicate, the DC said.

On the other hand, after the printing of the document, the printer should send one copy of the declaration together with the copy of the document to District Magistrate or District Electoral Officer. Permission to display election materials in properties must be taken from the respective private property owners and candidates and supporters displaying boards in public places compulsorily should take permission from Election Officers. The DC warned that any person who contravenes any of the norms can be punished with imprisonment for a term that may extend to six months, slapped with a fine, or with both.

Bank officers must be vigilant

At a different meeting with bank officers, the DC appealed to them to provide necessary information regarding excess financial transactions. Asking the banking officials to report about transactions in the bank branches, the DC said that their cooperation is crucial to enforce the Model Code of Conduct.

The DC told the heads of various banks that they must report to the Nodal Officers if they come across anybody withdrawing more than Rs. 1 lakh cash, transferring large amounts from one account to another, and transferring money from candidates’ accounts or candidates’ spouses’ accounts.

The DC told the Lead Bank Manager to create a WhatsApp group of the bank officials for communication. “Information must be brought to the notice of Nodal Bank Officers. If there are transactions from the accounts of spouses of candidates beyond permissible limits, it should be informed too,” he said.

Income Tax officials must be informed about people transacting beyond Rs.10 lakh. All ATMs must be refilled with currencies between 10 am and 5 pm, he added. “The agencies or whoever was loading the cash must possess proper documents for having loaded the cash into the ATM kiosks. The banks are not supposed to transport cash after 5 pm to the ATM kiosks even though they possess valid documents, he explained.

Educating the people on their voting rights

A candle light march was held last evening to spread awareness on the importance of voting. It was an initiative of the Mysuru District Administration, Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) and the Mysuru City Corporation (MCC). The march, which began at Town Hall and ended at K.R. Circle, was led by Deputy Commissioner (DC) Dr. K.V. Rajendra, City Police Commissioner Ramesh Banoth, MCC Commissioner G. Lakshmikantha Reddy, Zilla Panchayat (ZP) CEO K.M. Gayathri, District Health Officer (DHO) Dr. K.H. Prasad and other senior officials.

A large number of public and officers drawn from various Departments too participated in the march, holding burning candles. “The event was held to spread the message of the importance of vote and voting. Voting is everybody’s right and every vote counts as voting helps nation building,”                  the DC said.

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