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Accident-prone Ad+signboard poles on M.G. Road

Mysore/Mysuru: Even as the drive against footpath encroachment is on, works are underway to erect a pole to install overhead cantilever  with advertisement adjacent to the footpath, near vegetable market on Mahatma Gandhi (M.G.) Road in the city, that has drawn a flak from the general public.

The cement pillars are built on either side of the road at the ground level to erect the pole. This may not just hinder the smooth flow of traffic, but also cause accidents. Though it is accepted that the  will help the vehicle riders, it is unfair to create a traffic hurdle on the other hand. As the very stretch of road is chock-a-block with traffic throughout the day with the bustling market nearby and auto and other types of goods vehicles parked, it will lead to further chaos.

With stray cattle sleeping in the middle of the road, the vehicle drivers struggle to manoeuvre the vehicles. Despite all these hurdles, the cement poles are coming up, which is totally unscientific, argue the concerned public.

The pillar is built one foot above ground level, which may not prove a hindrance to vehicles for now. But if the metal poles are installed, it will come in the way of traffic, which may prove further dangerous during rainfall with the vehicle riders meeting with accident, being unable to notice the poles. The Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) Officers should inspect the spot before issuing the permission. But due to the callous Officers, the general public are bearing the brunt, the passersby allege.

The permission should have been issued only after confirming that the traffic won’t be hit. But with the works halfway, it will prove disadvantage more than benefiting the public.

Adding credence to the allegations of official laxity, the Corporators themselves allege that “The permission is given to install the signboard after paying the stipulated fee. But the boards are being installed at those places where the advertisers can look for some gains against the place identified for erecting the board with permission. Hence the MCC Commissioner should inspect the spot and take a suitable decision in this regard.”

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