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Lishitha Estates is one of the most prestigious residential layout developers in Mysuru, a heritage city that is one of the fastest-growing cities and will soon become the next IT hub. Trust and reliability are the guiding principles of our company and these values are reflected in both our business strategy and daily operations. We prioritise the needs and interests of our clients, and customer happiness is what we aim for.
Our team combines skill and incomparable knowledge with a totally creative approach to developing premium residential plots with due diligence and attention to detail anticipated from people used to receiving only the best service.
We are highly dedicated and committed to helping various clients with distinct needs. Our business approach, which reflects our core principles, helps us achieve the best level of customer service by giving our clients what they need while frequently going above and beyond their expectations.
In order to provide the best possible residential layouts that appeal to a wide range of clients, Lishitha Estates places a strong emphasis on sophistication and innovation.
We employ the depth of our knowledge, experience, and expertise to give nothing but the best. The goal is to produce lasting and recognisable value for our clients. Prime sites, ease of access, first-class amenities, and relaxing surroundings have always been important factors in our projects. Our relationships are built on honesty and integrity, which enables us to develop strong bonds with our customers. We are always looking for ways to expand our presence in the most prestigious locations and we always collaborate as a family to accomplish this.

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Why Lishitha Estates?

Lishitha Infra takes care of everything when you purchase a plot from us, and we guarantee a quick, easy process that won’t disrupt your hectic schedule for work or company. You don’t need to be concerned about the location, the amenities of the plot, legal disputes, registration requirements, bank loans, or any other aspects of the typical land purchase process.

Even after we sell the land, we still offer top-notch post-sales service with a post-sales crew that is solely dedicated to helping you maintain the property. We provide specialised post-sales support, making us one of the few plot developers in Mysuru.

Our plots are your best bet whether you want to build a nice house or invest in a property that will provide you with numerous profits.

Our plots include a variety of contemporary utilities, such as wide roads, electricity, children’s play area, jogging tracks, and more, so you can quickly and easily construct your own home. Amazingly, you may live close to city amenities while yet taking advantage of nature’s calming bliss. Thus, our plots are in high demand.

We have successfully completed various projects in the brief time since our inception. Additionally, we frequently introduce new developments in locations that are in great demand.



In a world that eats, lives, and breathes fake and hyped news, we take a different approach. We assist people to take better decisions with communication that is crystal clear by offering game-changing and tangible results to help our clients nurture them to the next level.

We dare to be different, carry out exceptional work, and together as a team build high-performing, cheerful, collective individuals. We strive to reduce the carbon footprint by reduction of the environmental impact and maximising what profits society.

We aim to be the first name and respected leader in the real estate market.