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A Star Is Born

In an age where birth of a nation is a minor event, birth of a child is a curse, the birth of a newspaper is bound to be a non-event. More so when its founders and the Editor are from among the common men with no past of any distinction. Which is why there was no ceremonial inauguration of the publication of Star of Mysore or any promotional campaign.

It is natural, our readers may want to know what manner of a newspaper this Star of Mysore will be. A run-of-the-mill type that flutters and falls gently, like an unwanted old leaf, through the window into your drawing room every evening or the one that will interest you to welcome home and read with pleasure.

Yes, the Star of Mysore is conceived and produced to belong to the latter category.

This is a local paper and as such we are more interested in what is happening in our immediate surro-undings rather than in the distant Delhi everyday.

Our investigative reporter will sneak into the Municipal Council Hall, go nosing around University campus, walk footloose along the Police beat, amble into the hospitals and slink under the seat of power to publish in cold print all that you always wanted to know but could not. Now a STAR is born to fulfil that need.

We, the publishers, reporters and the Editor are aware of our responsibility to our readers. And it is our hope that we will be able to find a responsive readership in you. We are also aware that in the final analysis, it is your patronage and support (both from the readers and the advertisers) that will sustain us in our noble goals and work-a-day life.

The best cannot come in the beginning. We have many constraints. We are improving now and will improve as days pass by. You will soon find better headline types, brighter layout and excellent printing. We are trying. The Star must shine.


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