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787 elders, 167 PwD make use of Vote from Home option

Mysore/Mysuru: As many as 954 people who come under the 80-plus age bracket and People with Disabilities (PwD) availed the Vote from Home option in the Mysuru district yesterday, taking advantage of the first-time initiative rolled out by the Election Commission in the Assembly election.

The exercise of identifying voters seeking the Vote from Home option involved a house visit from a Booth-Level Officer (BLO) checking the physical condition of the voter. Not all those who were above the 80-plus age group cut the option. Similarly, those who suffered from more than 40 percent disability were selected for the initiative.

Officers said that as per the plans of the Election Commission, a polling station model was replicated right in the house of the selected voter where the individual booth was set up so that the senior citizen would vote in secrecy.

From the Presiding Officer, First Poll Officer, BLO, Police personnel and a videographer visited their houses. The officers and staff ensured that even the remotest areas were covered. The home voting process will continue till May 6.

As per the data released by the District Administration last evening, 787 voters aged 80-plus and 167 PwD voters availed of the facility. (See table)

Day-1 elderly and People with Disability voting data

Constituency80-plus votersPwD votersTotalNanjangud28655341Chamundeshwari11622138Periyapatna14340183Varuna9920119T. Narasipur14330173Total787167954

26 died after opting for home voting

The Election Commission data says that after 80-plus voters registered for the facility and submitted their 12-D forms, 26 people have died. In Periyapatna and Varuna 2 deaths each were reported, in Nanjangud 11 deaths were reported, 7 in Chamundeshwari and 4 deaths were reported in T. Narasipur.

A team of two senior officials is allowed to visit each house during the voting process. Also, if the voter is not available when the Election Commission team visits the house, the officials are allowed to visit their homes for the second time.

If the voter is not available during the second visit, they won’t be allowed to vote. Also, absentee voters will not be allowed to come to the polling station on the voting day.

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