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50th show of ‘Tipu Nija Kanasugalu’ today: Celebrations held at Rangayana in city

Mysore/Mysuru: Rangayana Director Addanda C. Cariappa has said the houseful show of ‘Tipu Nija Kanasugalu’ play continues, with the tickets for the 50th show at Bhoomigeetha auditorium in the repertory, today also sold out.     

Presiding over a programme organised to mark  the 50th show under ‘Tipu Nija Kanasugalu- Satyada Anavaranada Suvarna Pradarshanada Sambhrama’  at Rangayana this morning, Cariappa said the popularity of the play is such that 45,000 people have watched the play across the State and the book on the play is seeing its 12th reprint. Even in Kolar also several hundreds of people have watched the play.

Saying that he had thought over the play even before taking over as Rangayana Director, Cariappa in a mocking tone explained how Siddharamaiah the Leader of Opposition in Legislative Assembly became the inspiration by starting Tipu Jayanti celebrations when he was the Chief Minister. It claimed the life of Kuttappa in Kodagu and also caused the defeat of Siddharamaiah in Chamundeshwari Assembly Constituency in 2018 elections. “Hence, the total credit of the play goes to Siddharamaiah,” he said.

Cariappa also reiterated that there is a mention of Urigowda and Nanjegowda killing Tipu Sultan, in a book published in 2006 itself.

Taking exception to the picture of Tipu Sultan fighting Tiger with its mouth wide open, published in school textbooks, Cariappa asked, “Is it possible? Why don’t those who sing paeans of Tipu question it?” 

K.B. Ganapathy Founder-Editor of Star of Mysore and Mysuru Mithra, the chief guest on the occasion said “It’s still not understandable why so much noise, confusion and controversy over the play -Tipu Nija Kanasugalu. Instead of looking at the play with a religious perspective, it should be viewed as a part of history related to Tipu as a ruler. Every playwright writes the play in his or her own perception of the subject and what’s wrong in that. Everybody has the freedom to express opinions on the basis of his understanding. Which was why Shakespeare wrote a play on Julius Caesar and Bernard Shaw also wrote one on the same theme. The Tipu play was based only on Tipu as a ruler as seen by Addanda Cariappa.”

Going by the prevailing political conditions in the country, some are ready to create any controversy and it is precisely why even the play (Tipu Nija Kanasugalu) is surrounded by controversy, said Ganapathy.

The hurdles are common in any path and the need of the hour is to clear them and move forward. That’s what is happening since few years now in the nation and also in Rangayana too, said Ganapathy stressing on the need to take the society towards the right path.

Senior journalist Ravindra Joshi, education expert Ashok Kumar chief guests were also present on the occasion.

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