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50 percent rebate ends today midnight: Rs. 1 cr. traffic fine collected in one day

Policemen struggle to handle rush as only 27 hand-held devices available to enter data

Mysuru:The Mysuru City Police collected Rs. 1 crore in a single day yesterday as hundreds of people trooped into all Traffic Police Stations to pay their pending traffic penalties and avail of the 50 percent rebate.

The deadline to pay up comes to a close at midnight today and even after the Police Stations are closed for the day, people can use the online medium to clear the dues till 12 tonight.  Till 11 am today, the Traffic Police were able to collect Rs. 6,76,99,200. From November 2019 to November 2022, 25,51,048 e-challan cases were pending in Mysuru and the traffic penalties amounted to Rs. 127,82,93,700.

After the 50 percent rebate was announced, from 3.2.2023 till 11.2.2023 (11 am), 3,27,393 cases came to a close with the payment of fine that amounted to Rs. 6,76,99,200. The total pending amount now stands at Rs. 121,05,94,500.

Utilising this opportunity, offenders can pay fine amount and obtain challan, at their respective Traffic Police Stations, Traffic Management Centre at Police Commissioner’s Office, Karnataka One Centre or App or on the hand-held device of the Police Officers and obtain a receipt.

As the rebate ends today midnight, there was extra rush at all the Traffic Police Stations and Traffic ACP’s Office in the city and they witnessed long queues. Special counters have been opened where the pending fines are calculated along with rebate and entered in the special hand-held devices. After details are entered, cash is collected from the violator and receipts issued.

City Police sources told Star of Mysore that the Transport Department has supplied only 27 such hand-held devices and they are not able to meet the rush. “Once the penalty details are entered and the fine amount is received, the details are transmitted to the State headquarters for electronic collation. We need to deposit the money at the end of the day. This is convenient but we have only 27 machines to handle a huge crowd and a dedicated set of Policemen are working overtime to handle the crowd,” said a Policeman.

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