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26.55 lakh voters from 11 Constituencies in Mysuru

Chamundeshwari tops with 3,29,141 voters

Number of females high in most seats

Mysore/Mysuru: Following the release of the final voters’ list, which includes 26,55,988 voters, Deputy Commissioner Dr. K.V. Rajendra, who is also the District Electoral Officer, met leaders from various political parties yesterday. The final voter list for 2023 includes all 11 Assembly Constituencies in the district and copies were distributed to political leaders.

DC Rajendra announced that in view of the upcoming elections, the Election Commission of India (ECI) has provided a provision for essential services departments’ officers and staff to vote via postal ballot. The Postal Voting Centre (PVC) for absentee voters will be open in the district from May 2 to 4, from 9 am to 5 pm. Political parties should send representatives to this centre, he added.

DC Rajendra also warned that anyone caught campaigning for a candidate in an unauthorised manner would face consequences. Furthermore, if any candidates require security, the Police Department will take action to ensure their safety.

ADC Kavita Rajaram, Election Tahsildar Ramprasad and political party leaders attended the meeting.

Constituency-wise number of polling stations

210Periyapatna235211K.R. Nagar250212Hunsur273213H.D. Kote282214Nanjangud249215Chamundeshwari337216Krishnaraja265217Chamaraja244218Narasimharaja282219Varuna261220T. Narasipur227                     Total:2,905

Final number of eligible voters in Mysuru segments

Periyapatna98,10697,34571,95,458K.R. Nagar1,08,1181,09,649192,17,786Hunsur1,21,2171,21,525142,42,756H.D. Kote1,13,2631,12,512122,25,787Nanjangud1,09,8871,10,50062,20,393Chamundeshwari1,64,1511,64,955353,29,141Krishnaraja1,22,4421,27,886292,50,357Chamaraja1,21,3681,24,884312,46,243Narasimharaja1,39,9941,48,667492,88,710Varuna1,17,1551,17,365132,34,533T. Narasipur1,01,4201,03,389152,04,824Total13,17,12113,38,63723026,55,988

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